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First, of all I want to say thanks for landing on my page, and congratulate you for taking the first step to learn how to trade online. I know it’s hard, and I know it’s harder with all the obstacles in our way. Such obstacles come from finding a trusted broker, all the way to finding a trusted PERSON to follow advice from. The BLW Trading Academy will focus on both, brokers and trusted people to follow. Additionally, will focus on EVERYTHING ELSE. Yes, everything else related to online trading.

Were you looking for a strategy? You will find it here.

Were you looking for the most trusted broker to join? You will find it here too.

I think I’ve made my point.

There are thousands of websites out there that are focusing on Auto Traders, Softwares, Trading Indicators, Broker Reviews, etc. But there are very few, or maybe NONE focusing on a real training on Online Trading.

Have you found a Trading website that explains you what computer you should use to trade online? Or how about where to click in order to get a certain color on a trading chart? No, right? Unfortunately, people out there are focusing only on the medium/advanced traders, but they are leaving the 100% newbies behind.

I know it sounds hard, but it’s the truth. This is the main reason I created the BLW Trading Academy. I will focus on the Newbies, then I will focus on Medium Experienced (Which you will be after taking the first classes) and then I will focus on experienced traders, and will make sure you receive the money you want in your bank account.

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BLW Trading Academy

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BLW Trading Academy

Now 100% FREE!!!
Membership Area for BLW Trading Academy Students!

I looked online for a lot of hours, and found nothing about a process from registering with a broker, all the way till you get your withdrawal. Why? I believe they are focusing more on getting commissions from brokers than teaching people what is really important.

Sadly, I am part of the very small group of traders that want to help others. Correct me if I am wrong, but teaching is hard, right? Teaching Online Trading is 10 times HARDER! Why? Because we are dealing with money, and I am sure it is hard-earned money, so I must be helpful so that you don’t lose that money.

You might also say “Cristian, you get commissions from brokers too” and I would say “Yes, I do, but, Haven’t I helped you with strategies, trainings and fights against shady brokers to get your money back?”. Believe me, if money was the most important thing for me, I would not be offering you the opportunity to learn how to be a successful trader to MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

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Here in the BLW Trading Academy you will learn the following:

Online Trading Basics

  1.    What is Online Trading?
  2.    What are Binary Options?
  3.    What is CFD Trading?
  4.    What is Forex?
  5.    Where can I do Online Trading?

First Steps to start Online Trading

  1.    What are the Brokers?
  2.    How to choose a bróker?
  3.    How much money can I make with Online Trading?
  4.    How to register properly with a bróker?
  5.    How to withdraw properly from a bróker?


  1.    How to open a Demo Account?
  2.    How to use a Demo account?
  3.    What are Open Trades?
  4.    What are Closed Trades?


  1.    What are trading strategies?
  2.    How to find the best trading strategy?
  3.    What is the support and resistance strategy?

And a lot more!!! (This just is about 30% of the entire content of the training)

Now 100% FREE!!!
Membership Area for BLW Trading Academy Students!

In addition, you will have the option to enjoy extra benefits, such as:

Exclusive Members Group

Email Support

Live Webinars 1-2 a month

Complete E-Book

And again, a lot more!!!

The BLW Trading Academy will be your best friend for the next 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or 1 lifetime. You could end up changing your life forever after this training, as my goal is that you quit your 9-5 job, you buy the house you want (without any mortgage), buy the car you want, etc. Everything I have accomplished ever since I quit my call center job.

Since I believe I made my point, I can’t wait to see you on the other side. You can visit my YouTube Channel on the button below to get to know me a little bit more in case you want to.

I’ll see you on the other side!

Now 100% FREE!!!
Membership Area for BLW Trading Academy Students!

30 thoughts on “Join The BLW Trading Academy NOW!!!

      1. Anointed Cletus

        Wow, I have been looking for this for quite some time, am I wish I had it a long time ago, Am happy for this opportunity


    Hello am a Ugandan . here we use MTN mobile money, western union , money gram. How can I subscribe. How do you use paypal


    Hi I like to join your academy, For past 3 months I am occasionally into this binary trading, I make a lot of money and i also lose too much money, I cant get wins continuously that’s the problem, I want to know whether I get free signals too.

  3. Fernando

    Hello I paid for course and they said they were going to send the I’d and password and they haven’t I got proof I send it through PayPal

    1. BLWacademy Post author

      Hi there, yes when you click on Sign Up you will be taken to paypal and if you don’t have PayPal it allows you to pay thru cards

  4. Brandi Behn

    I know you can’t say for sure but with your methods can we start by making money right away? Even that day?

  5. Sandru saisrinivas Reddy

    hi cris I sent you a long message. I earlier sent you same email you asked your support team to respond. but their response is not satisfactory. please respond me in detailed manner. thank you.

    1. Sandru saisrinivas Reddy

      Hi cris. I have two doubts.
      1. What should i do after i purchase the software. Should i inform you about the purchase by email for gaining access or is it not necessary.
      2.Please state me how to place a trade using 2min strategy, like should i place the trade as and when the alert comes or before or after the signal alert comes like how many seconds after should we place the trade after the alert arrives.

  6. Stephen HighNoon

    Hi Christian
    I have been watching your videos on youtube for some time now and joined BLW Academy to learn more and dive deeper into the training.
    I have just joined your signal group and can hardly wait to learn the signals and how to make a correct entry. I am mostly interested in CFD´s but will also try out binary options on a longer timeframe.
    Stay awesome amigo…


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